Image Overlay Addons for WordPress

Image Overlay Addons

Image Overlay Addons for WordPress allow you to overlay images with titles, buttons, and subtitles. They can be layered with a color overlay, or can be used alone. This addon can help you make your content more accessible and attractive. You can also use it to create galleries of images in a responsive format. It comes with several pre-set overlays and animations, or you can customize it yourself.

The addon is compatible with SiteOrigin widgets, including the Simple Masonry Widget. To use the addon, you can install it in your child theme and apply it with a custom plugin. If you have a Code Snippets plugin installed, you can also use it with that. As with the Simple Masonry widget, you can create an overlay using an image, a title, and a subtitle.

To add an overlay, you can either select the Image Overlay icon from the widget editor, or you can access the settings through the Media Manager. In the media manager, you can configure the settings for the text, the subtitle, the image, and the icons. You can change the size of the overlay, the opacity, and the width of the overlay. The image overlay will display on desktops and touch devices.

The image overlay addon allows you to choose between nine different positioning options for the content. For example, you can place the image at the top, bottom, or middle of the container, and then set the width of the image to fit the container. Additionally, you can adjust the height of the image. These margins are required for some images, such as staff photos, to ensure that they are sized appropriately for the image container.

When you click on the Button icon, you will be presented with a menu. Under the Typography tab, you can adjust the style of the Subtitle. Here, you can set the hover state, whether it is plain or gradient, and whether it should be centered or off-center. Lastly, you can set the duration of the transition.

Another feature that the Image Overlay Addon has is the ability to create a gradient overlay. By creating a gradient overlay, you can add a variety of colors to the background of the image, which makes the text sharper and easier to read. Also, a gradient overlay can help to minimize the number of competing colors that are behind the text.

The BWD Image Overlay addon for WordPress enables you to easily add an attractive background image overlay to any page. The addon includes 31 unique preset overlays and 6 animated effects. You can also customize the overlay, the opacity, the font family, and the font color.

Images can be stacked on top of each other to create a more complex overlay. This can be done using a variety of techniques, including using a cloudinary widget. An added benefit to using Cloudinary is that you can apply multiple layers of images to one base image, without having to modify the original image. Using Cloudinary, you can even add watermarks to the images that are overlaid.